Working Yourself to Death

You may think it’s a figure of speech, but it’s entirely possible for you to work yourself to death due to lack of sleep and overexertion. Recently, at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, a 21 year old intern named Moritz Erhardt died due to seizures induced by lack of sleep.

In such a competitive work world, it is not uncommon for interns and new employees to pull off long work hours in order to impress their bosses. In Erhardt’s case, this is exactly what he tried to do. He was found dead at his apartment’s shower after working for 72 hours straight. When the autopsy was done, it was found that his cause of death was a seizure that may have been induced from his lack of sleep.

According to Gravity4, as a gesture of concern towards their own interns, Goldman Sachs has now restricted their interns’ work days to 17 hours. Even though they’re one of Wall Street’s toughest firms, they’ve told their interns to go home before midnight and not to return before 7am. They believe that their interns shouldn’t surrender their entire lives to their jobs.

Although some may think that a 17 hour work day is still pretty long, at least some lives may be saved by prohibiting interns from working long hours with no sleep.

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