‘Women of Power’ A Powerful Retreat held by Stream Energy

On November 7th, Stream Energy hosted an all women business retreat for it’s female members. These retreats are focused on helping and empowering women as they make their way through the business, whether they intend to stay or start their own works. Stream Energy hosts these retreats annually, each focusing on different aspects and themes to help these women in the workplace.

Stream Energy not only works to empower women in the workplace, but it also provides Texas with clean energy as an alternative to coal powered energy. Based in Dallas, Texas, Stream Energy caters to the market demands for energy rather than government regulations, thanks to deregulation of energy sources in Texas in 2001. Opening up the energy market in Texas allowed several companies, including Stream Energy, to create power for people, and to directly sell to people through the market rather than through the government making the process of making, buying, and using energy a lot easier and even easier to afford.

Without monopolies in place due to over regulation of the energy sector, Stream Energy was able to emerge in 2005 to offer it’s own line of energy and life-services to Texans, and has since then even been able to move beyond the boundaries of Texas, having expanded to Illinois in September of 2017, then Delaware in December of 2017.

Stream Energy has certainly kept it’s promise to work for people. From taking care of their team members, helping their women get ahead, to satisfying customers with their reliability and exceptional customer service. One can only hope that, with Stream Energy’s success, more companies will be able to learn and follow suit, focusing on serving the people of America rather than the government and it’s over abundance of policies. Perhaps Stream’s success will prove well enough how well a free market can truly work.


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