White Media Shark Delivers On Customer Service

If White Media Shark is known for one thing, it’s striving to manage its reputation for providing an unparalleled level of customer service.

Customer service is the most essential aspect of any business. Whether you are sitting in a doctor’s office, standing in line at a fast food joint or being take care of by the crew on a cruise ship, you expect a provision of excellent service to be maintained throughout the experience. It is believed that the most successful customer service results from a company’s capacity to adjust its behaviors to accommodate their customers.

White Media Shark takes this theory seriously, as they consistently review issues and come out a better service provider because of it. They look at all complaints, questions and issues with a proactive intent to see what strategies can be applied to ensure operations improve. This is especially important to White Media Shark, a premier digital marketer that’s built a reputation on tailoring positive brand imaging for small and medium-sized organizations.

Here are a few of the more common issues brought to the company’s attention by customers and how the company dealt with them to supercharge their delivery of exemplary customer service.

“I Can’t Track My AdWords Campaigns”
After a thorough investigation, the company discovered its counseling process wasn’t up to par, preventing clients from comprehending reports concerning their online campaigns. In response, Media Shark set up a system that thoroughly breaks down client campaigns so that they have a better understanding of how the performance of ads and keywords work.

“My Old Campaigns Performed Better Than This New ‘Optimized’ One”
To counteract these perceptions, White Media Shark set up a block of procedures that reviewed optimized campaigns in comparison to old ones.

“The Majority of My Customers Are Coming Through the Phone”
When you’re managing an online campaign, you’re mostly tracking click-throughs and e-commerce. To capture customer behavior through traditional communications like phone lines, the company started a Call Tracking program and now include it with all AdWords management plans at no additional cost.

“Why Was Our Campaign Created on Your Account?”
White Media Shark implemented the choice to use newly created AdWords accounts to ensure the development of new campaigns start from scratch, while providing the pros and cons of not using a neutral environment for a digital media campaign.

For White Media Shark, it’s all about finding ways to keep clients expectations of their products and services high.

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