What Paul Mampilly Thinks About Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly has written about stocks particularly with new apps and technologies that come out, and one he’s published an article at Banyan Hill on is Bitcoin. Mampilly admitted when Bitcoin was hitting the market a few years ago, it would have been a good investment at the time, but now he’s saying it probably should be avoided. The reason Mampilly recommends not buying Bitcoin stocks is because its high popularity drove the stock price much higher than it should have gone. It’s a trend that Mampilly noted that the DotCom bubble followed in 1999 and the housing market in 2008, and while Bitcoin’s price lowering isn’t expected to happen at a rapid boom pace, the collapse does seem to be a foregone conclusion.

Paul Mampilly is trusted for his investment advice because he has a long resume of managing investments for affluent clients, but also because he’s been on the record of rightly predicting how some companies would do in the future. Mampilly came to the US back in the late 1980s and studied finance and economics at Montclair State University and also got his MBA from Fordham University. He began portfolio management as a research assistant for Deutsche Bank in 1991 and became so adept at predicting where the markets were going that he landed senior management positions at several other large banks.

Paul Mampilly reached the highest point in his Wall Street career when he was hired by the executive board at Kinetics International Fund. He helped raise the hedge fund’s assets under management from $6 billion to $25 billion and was noted by Barron’s to be a part of the fastest-growing hedge fund with returns near 43%. In 2008, Mampilly became a participant and winner of the Templeton Foundation investment when he invested $50 million in stocks and turned $76 million even though the economic crisis was at its height.

Paul Mampilly was only 42 when he grew tired of his current hedge fund management job, though he had made so much money by then he could retire. But he then focused on the middle class Americans that he felt were ignored by big banks and investment firms, and in 2016 he launched his newsletter “Profits Unlimited” which grew to over 60,000 subscribers. One reason Mampilly’s newsletters have become so popular is because investors are always in complete control of their own portfolios, and Mampilly’s information is affordable.

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