What Happened to Tech Stocks?


At one time, tech stocks were considered all the rage. People made a huge amount of money earning great returns on tech stock. Today, tech stocks have a very negative connotation surrounding them. Most recommend against investing in tech stocks. To state that all tech stocks are terrible investments might be an unfair overstatement. It is true, however, the tech stock bubble of the 1990’s burst. In the aftermath of the Dot.com collapse, a host of previously high performing stocks ended up becoming worthless. A few lessons have to be learned here. Among the most important of all lessons learned is tech stocks are not a good match for conservative investors with an eye on the long-term.

During the 1990’s, many of the publicly traded tech stocks did well because the internet was a brave new world. Massive interest in scores of new technological innovations helped generate a lot of interest and sales. Stock values grew huge because the assumption was demand would remain high and sales figures were never going to drop off. The conditions that were driving the value of the stocks were not going to last. A bubble existed below the surface and, when the bubble burst, a lot of investors lost money. Not all ended up with a bad outcome though.

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Tech stocks are interesting to follow. Putting money into these types of invetments, however, really is not for everyone. In the current landscape, they have lost some luster. Ultimately, careful deliberation is necessary before putting any money into a tech stock.

Those who foresaw a bubble and sold their stock before the crash made decent money. Many people who got involved in high-risk day trading scored big as well, although such was not the case with everyone. Investors who put too much money into tech stocks and tries to make massive returns found the results did not bode well.

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