What drives Helane Morrison’s compliance career

Saying that predators plague the financial management industry is an understatement. Helane Morrison knows this only too well. Before joining Hall Capital as the Managing Director, Helane was a compliance officer with the SEC San Francisco office.

Having spent all her life chasing bad people does not earn you a leadership position, but proving that you are always successful at what you do certainly gives you an edge.

The financial sector is home to very many entrepreneurs who are very successful. Helane Morrison is one of the successful people in the financial management and hedge fund area. Some of the things that drive her will probably surprise.

Her passion is undoubted

There is always something intimate about how she conducts her business. Her expertise and career are in law and journalism. Part of the management of most hedge funds borders between understanding what is allowed and what is not. With over ten years as a SEC insider, she understands the deepest loopholes in the market.

Her class is permanent

On reason why I like her is that, over the years, her role in various capacities have proven a major success. Her career has no blemish. In her capacity, she has steered Hall Capital as a very compliant company. There has not been a single incidence related to non-compliance. Her ethical and tactical nous in managing comes naturally to her. She is an avid communicator and a staunch follower of integrity.

At Hall Capital, the goal is to give the customer the trust that he or she deserves. The management team at the capital is somewhat skewed towards women. I find the company’s blueprint on leadership and integration of the diversity always admirable especially in inspiring young leaders.

Her interest is deep

When she spoke of her team, I could not help but notice her deep interest in encouraging every woman to strive for the highest. I believe that Hall Capital is a model that many women executives can emulate to inspire a very hospitable working environment.

She worked under her role model who mentored her for ten years shortly after graduating with a JD from the University of California. Her contact with Justice Blackman gives her the impetus to continue inspiring more people to pursue social justice.

At Hall Capital, I do not expect to hear any concerns about the company’s inability to follow strict financial integrity. She has managed to instill a forthright environment that customers and other people can trust.

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