Wengie, the YouTube sensation, most known for her beauty hacks and tutorials now has a Vlog channel!

In one of her first vlogs, Wengie address why she quit vlogging in the first place and why she came back. The video starts with Wengie talking about people she meets on the street and why they like her vlogs better than their regular videos. She believes it’s a more intimate way to get to know the people behind the YouTube channel. It’s a way to see who they are as a person and get a more intimate glimpse into the life behind the camera lens.


She admits that she stopped vlogging before because it took away from her day to day life. She also found she was losing her creative touch with her videos because she was rushing and was losing her quality. She began living her life for the camera. Where and when to shoot and which things she needed to capture. She lost time to do things she actually enjoyed doing because she was putting up this facade of a life that her viewers thought she lived.

This is a really big problem with social media today. People are too focused on the life their followers think they’re living, so they start pretending for the camera, whether it’s with Vlogging or Instagram or Twitter. She has respect for those people who are able to film, edit and post daily vlogs, but confesses that she simply just can’t do them anymore.


She hopes that weekly videos are enough for her followers in that they will still get a glimpse into her life without her losing her own life by simply pleasing followers.

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