Watts Guerra Attorney Named As Co-Lead By Minnesota Court

The multi district litigation being brought against the Swiss agricultural giant Syngenta has had its co-lead counsel named by a Minnesota District Court. Watts Guerra attorney Frank Guerra has been appointed the co-lead for the case that will be heard in both Minnesota and Kansas, Guerra will also work with a committee established to make decisions on behalf of the claimants on the case. Watts Guerra has a large amount of experience in representing claimants in mass litigation cases in a large number of areas, including the agricultural, medical and automotive industries.

Frank Guerra works alongside his partner in the legal practice, Mikal Watts, who is well known for his own successes in mass litigation cases. The reputation of Watts sees him travel across North America providing talks and education opportunities for tohse interested in developing a ass litigation practice or deciding on their own area of law to specialize in. Watts is one of the best known attorneys in his native Texas following major victories in mass litigation cases and for the many awards he has won. Amongst the awards recognizing the work of Mikal Watts are the National Law Journal’s 40 Under 40 award and the Texas Super Lawyers award from 2003 to 2012.

Syngenta are facing a difficult case that includes the issues of them supplying genetically modified corn seed to US farmers without declaring the GM nature of the seed. Business Wire reports this GM crop was mixed in with non GM crops to halt the export of US corn across the world, which resulted in an excess supply in the US and a falling corn price per bushel. The economic impact of the GM corn ban is being fought over in court and Frank GUerra hopes will result in Syngenta being given the blame for the problem plus a larghe level of compensation to be paid to US farmers. The multi district litigation will continue as production of US corn recovers following the removal of the GM crops.

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