Visual Search Technology: The Obvious Next Step

If you use the internet, you use a search engine to navigate it. The technology is known worldwide. You type a text in the search box and up comes a list of results. Searching for precise details or items can be time consuming on occasion.

According to Techcrunch, Visual search engines are about to change the way we search for information on the web. A recent annual developer conference for Facebook revealed plans for their own AI system.

They plan to “build systems that are better than people in perception.” After stating this, Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the new tech that allows the blind to see by seeing what is in an image and explain it in detail. This will surely be a helpful and very useful tool for those without sight. This is not the only benefit of this type of technology. There are many new uses in development and some are already being used daily.

Technology like the cameras used in vehicles have been in production and development for some time now. Many are being used today (get full details at: This visual search tech that will soon take over is going to be the default way to search. Instead of typing text in a box, you can snap a picture and find the exact thing and many more like it. This is going to impact the business world in a very big way as well. Tremendously, if you think about it for a moment.

The rate at which the technology is advancing is impressive and can be implemented in numerous ways. These deep learning technologies are designed around the way our own brains process information. Now computers can identify (accurately) what is in an image almost instantly.

They are processing massive amounts of data at lightning speed. With all of the compiled data from various free sites that are in use, the computers have a seemingly endless supply of data to sort through and tag. One company that has it’s head in the game when it comes to this new leap is Slyce. With this company, you can have the visual search tech on your desktop or in your pocket. You can snap a pic with your mobile and search for the specific place or thing in the picture. The company is dedicated to bringing an easy to use, functional and accurate image search experience. How can this not be the obvious next step in technology?


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