Video Capabilities Are Being Taken To The Next Level With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a new an exciting video communication tool. It started out with just one program, video chat, so much momentum was built up just because of that one program. Now with new programs coming out, like the video newsletter and live meetings, this momentum in the growth of the company is only going to speed up. These ideas, and others, were shared by Talk Fusion’s Vice President of Training and Development, Allison Roberts. Roberts is very excited about the future of the company and is expecting to see unparalleled growth when their new 30 day free trial is open globally. Roberts’ final prediction was that in a short time, everyone on earth will know what Talk Fusion is.

The video chat tool from Talk Fusion is available for free to download on both Google Play and iTunes. When the 30 day free trial offer starts, individuals will be able to try out the entire lineup of products from them, including their video newsletter and lead capture.

Talk Fusion is a company that has created video communication tools that can be used for personal uses, such as communicating with a family member that is far away, or it can be used for business uses, such as sending out customers a personalized video message. The company also offers video email, community blogging, lead capture, live meetings, video chat and video newsletters. Another great aspect of Talk Fusion is that it works on every device, with Apple or Android, tablet, phone, laptop or PC. There are already some major companies that are utilizing Talk Fusion. These companies include VW, SPCA Florida, Kite Kazan, Make-A-Wish, Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Department, Norwegian Cruise Line, Casa Latino, West Point Military Academy, Applebee’s and many others.

Talk Fusion also gives the opportunity to work from home. They make their sales of services through word of mouth advertisement and have direct sellers, who they call independent associates, around the globe. They currently have associates in over 140 countries all around the world.

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