Venture Capitalist Development in Western Europe

Recently in news, venture capitalists have begun turning heads towards Western Europe for the prospect of setting up shop. It is a well-known fact that venture capitalists have been investing and profiting in foreign markets such as in Asia, South America and North America. As of present day though, venture capitalists are now looking at Western Europe as a way to stimulate the current stagnant economy.

Companies such as Intel, Google, Microsoft, as well as are now looking for new European startups. This new fad is especially popular for companies that specialize in mobile payment firms, gaming, cloud software, as well as data-mappers. Startup companies are especially becoming more and more popular in prominent cities such as Berlin, London, Paris, and Stockholm. The reason is the fact that investing in startup companies in Western Europe tends to be less expensive than investing in startup companies within the United States.

European startup companies have a reputation of serving local markets and local purposes. They also have a reputation for slowly expanding. It takes several years for companies to even hit 100 million euros. One specific example is that of Xing which is the German version of LinkedIn. Though Xing is popular, LinkedIn is still the top choice to use among investors who are even from Germany.

One example of a famous venture capitalist company that has turned a keen eye onto Western Europe is Jim Dondero’s Highland Capital. This is an investment firm that specializes in developing credit-oriented solutions for both private as well as public firms. Several products that appeal to clients include separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, as well as ETFs. Highland Capital is a company that has over 22 years of experience thanks to Jim Dondero, the CEO and co-founder of this company.

Highland Capital is an investment firm that is currently residing in Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital has expanded so much that in November Highland Capital announced the opening of its branch in Tokyo, Japan. Highland Capital is still a growing company that has over 22.1 billion dollars that is constantly being managed. As an award to the hard work that this firm has provided, Highland Capital has been honored with the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund Wins of 2015. This particular award demonstrates how dedicated Highland Capital is to providing the best and unique results to any individual who decides to become involved in Highland Capital.

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