Vegan Crystal Flavored EOS Lip Balm Review

Over the last several years EOS Lip Balm has made a distinct name for themselves. However, not content to rest on their previous laurels, the company has introduced a new line of Vegan Crystal Flavored lip balm. Whether you are a long-time lover of EOS lip balm, or a new customer, there is appeal in the lip balm because of their fresh flavors and unique ingredients. The new vegan crystal flavors of lip balm have hit a level of popularity that makes it impossible for the company to produce product faster than it is being sold.

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EOS lip balm has revolutionized the industry. For nearly century lip balms were marketed in cylinders with a list of active ingredients, giving the product a clinical feel. Flavors were limited, but at the time, the cylinders of lip balm were all that were available for lip treatment. Hop over to and see the product.

Seven years ago EOS developed a product that pushed lip balm products from clinical to trendy. After a humble beginning on a shelf at Walgreen’s, beauty editors of Allure and Cosmo enthusiastically reported about the fresh and excited flavors such as honeydew and grapefruit. The lip balm also came in a trendy round dispenser and attracted customers such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.

Though the lip balm has had exploding popularity, EOS pushed forward to make the product vegan, see latest review here on The ingredient keeping the lip balm from being vegan has now been removed. The lip balm has enjoyed a global popularity, and even though EOS was expecting a positive response, they were surprised when the new vegan crystal flavors were sold out the same day of release, shop here!

EOS dramatically progressed oral care, and sells over a million units per week presently. As EOS develops new and exciting flavors and improves the product, their success will continue.


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