US Real Estate Forum in Shanghai Discusses NYC

In New York City the real estate market is never truly at rest. While some parts of the country will go on hiatus during the winter months, or falter when the real estate market starts to crash, New York is seemingly always in demand. New York City is one of the most popular large cities on the planet and there is good reason for that. The first ever United States Real Estate Showcase in Shanghai, as reported by The Real Deal, made sure to discuss how New York City fit into the plans of Chinese buyers during a panel that showcased some of the biggest brokers in the city.

Miki Naftali, CEO of Naftali Group, kicked off a panel discussion during the Forum by talking about what makes NYC apartments for rent on townrealestate so special to the real estate market. He was joined by Fredrik Eklund, reality star, Stuart Elliot, Andrew Heiberger, Jonathan Simon and Steve Kligerman. They all chipped in during the prolonged discussion, navigating between topics relating to their career and even venturing out into some personal discussions on what their dream home in the city would be.

Naftali pointed out that New York City is always in demand when it comes to real estate and Eklund, star of “Million Dollar Listing: New York”, tacked on a discussion about the prestige that NYC brings home owners. Eklund admitted that he makes sure to plant the idea in his client’s heads that they “haven’t truly made it in life” until they buy some real estate in the city. Eklund also pointed out the “third development wave” that consists of luxurious, amenity filled high end hotels that are popping up all over the city while garnering renewed interest from buyers both Chinese and otherwise.

The conversation between the successful brokers navigated toward the topic of Chinese buyers and how they are coming to NYC in seeming droves. CEO of Town Residential, Andrew Heiberger, pointed out some useful data pertaining to Chinese buyers when he pointed out their precise ‘purchase range’: $800,000 to $2 million. Heiberger also landed the biggest laugh of the night for Town Residential when asked where his dream home in NYC would be. He replied by saying, “where Taylor Swift lives”. Heiberger was also a prominent and vocal fan of Brooklyn during the panel as he called it the “next great city” for both Americans and foreign buyers alike.

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