United States Dollar to Maintain Stability

Many questions have been asked if the dollar will maintain its supremacy. A lot people thought otherwise. Christian Broda from the University of Chicago, a hedge fund manager, is one of those who have been positive about the dollar remaining relevant. These doubts about the dollar emanate from the challenges the United States fiscal system has gone through. Many major currencies are struggling to dislodge the dollar as the main currency in international trade.
After the Global Financial Crisis, it was expected that the dollar usage would decline. Other currencies were expected to rise as a result of the same. Financial analysts and hedge fund professionals were of the opinion that the dollar be replaced. However, it did not happen. The dollar has continued to maintain a lead among the major currencies. It is still a choice for many investors. The stability of the dollar has served to silence the notorious critics. World economists have also raised concerns that the United States Dollar could be the reason for unfavorable international business in the world. They claim that changes in the US adversely affect the dollar and other currencies too. In that regard, they have proposed a single world currency, which is not of one country.
Amid all expectation of the dollar to fall, Christian Broda has been among the few economists who have maintained faith in the dollar. Christian expressed confidence that the United States Dollar would continue to be strong, regardless of the prevailing financial challenges. To demonstrate his point, he had published academic journals and papers in support of his assertions. Christian is a dedicated and analytical individual who continues to amaze may on-lookers. He maintains his job as Professor of Economics, Hedge fund manager and Managing Director.
In 2009, Christian and Ethan Haris co-authored a white paper, predicting stable inflation over the next few years. In the article, Christian and Haris predicted that the dollar would continue to dominate the international due to stable inflation rates. It is important to note, that their prediction about the dollar has surely come to pass. He has maintained that the dollar will remain the currency of choice regardless of the prevailing circumstances.
It is evident that Christian has not only supported the dollar, but other currencies. A good example is in 2004, where he showed resilience in supporting the Bank of Japan (BOJ). At the time, many financial pundits said the Japan’s fiscal system would be ripped apart the economic challenges facing the country. Therefore, Christian’s analysis and predictions are always backed by facts, rather than mere speculation. Christian has continued to gain influence due to his unmatched analysis. It has even earned him a position as Duquesne Capital Management’s Managing Director.

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