Understanding finance through Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the current chairman of the board at the Dalrada financial corporation. This is a commercial company that specializes in providing comprehensive insurance, financial, and business processes through outsourcing products and services to different companies all over the country.

He has held this position since December 1999, having joined the company as a Director in August 1995. His outstanding worker profile has demonstrated just how enthusiastic he is. He has left a positive mark in virtually every business or enterprise he has worked for.

Brian has had a long working history with a number of companies both in America and in the United Kingdom. His many years of service have equipped with the necessary hands-on experience for the position he currently holds with the organization.

This is cemented by the several years he has been working for the company. Upon joining the company in August 1992 to April in 1994, Brian served as the company’s director of Technology sales. From this position, he was promoted to the position of company’s vice-president for sales and marketing.

He served as vice-president for sales for five months, from May to September 1994. From here he was appointed the company’s Executive Vice President. He served this position with the due diligence that saw him appointed the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer in July 1997.

His performance must have been exemplary that it saw him rise through the ranks so quickly. In April 1998, he assumed the position of the company’s CEO. It was not until 1999 that he disassociated himself from actively running the organization and joined the board of directors.

All this time Brian was able to familiarize himself with the company’s operations. It is the thorough understanding of this business and its industry that suit him best for the position he currently holds.

Under his leadership, the company has achieved tremendous steps towards success. It has managed to stay afloat not only financially amidst the ever growing competition but also its ranking in the stock markets remains unshaken.

His working history does not however start at Dalrada Financial Corporation. It has been one step a time walk through the ladder of success and leadership. He has worked with some other non-financial corporations and entities. This gives him the understanding of the business financial needs which the company that he represents seeks to satisfy.

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