Trying EOS for the First Time

EOS is well known in the industry for a few things; namely their use of organic ingredients, their unique flavor combinations, and their unique sphere-like application cases. I was never one for looks of containers but became disenchanted with Chapstick after applying the lip balm constantly and always having my lips feel dry. As such, I decided to try EOS for the first time. Refer to for more details.

I bought a flavor pack in order to experience a variety of different flavors. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the lip balm. It went on smooth and provided my lips with immediate moisture. I was able to avoid putting on a new layer of lip balm for almost three hours which was a marked improvement from my almost constant application.

The flavor pack has a great array of flavors to try and choose from. Sweet mint was the refreshing mint option that every lip balm brand issues, but few can capture the way EOS does. EOS’ sweet mint was refreshing and light, but didn’t taste like medicine or like some form of vapor rub.

Next up was strawberry sorbet which was a great fruit flavor that went on smooth and had the flavor of fresh berries. I found the flavor more pungent that sweet mint, but up the alley of those who like strong fruit flavors. While strawberry sorbet was a great option for fruit lovers, the vanilla bean was more up my alley. Vanilla bean didn’t have an overpowering flavor either but had a deep and complex flavor that I have only previously experience in real vanilla beans and certainly not the extract. Watch and learn more info on

I left incredibly impressed by the quality of EOS lip balm and found that they were the best option of lip balm that I have every tried to date.

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