The Vision That Oisin Hanrahan Has For Handy

Oisin Hanrahan is the co-founder and CEO of Handy, a house cleaning and maintenance application. Next Web Insider caught up with him in Ireland where he was attending the Web Summit. Before Handy Oisin Hanrahan and Paddy Cosgrave, the latter being the founder of the Web Summit, created two organizations which were MiCandidate and Undergraduate Awards.

Surprisingly Oisin Hanrahan was not drawn by the need to clean homes nor was he in pursuit of money. He stated that while he was in college in Hungary he tried to develop a real estate company and realized that cleaning apartments was hard. Handy materialized in Boston while he was pursuing his MBA in Harvard. He lived with its co-founder and another friend who was messy. The two worked on formation of Handy in their first and second semesters then dropped out of college. After raising 500,000 dollars they decided Boston did not have enough to offer and moved to New York. He stated that there is a lot of competition but Handy is better by a long shot and added that they are not worried about competition but are focused on service delivery. He was of the opinion that two-way companies like Handy did not exist a decade ago and that was an advantage for Handy. He emphasized on importance of balancing customer rights and that of the contractor. He quoted that Handy raised 50 million dollars which will be used to spread the company and experiment on new areas.

The company has 160 permanent employees and over 10,000 contractors. It was evident that he was very proud of the company and its achievements. The company has recently employed very experienced and competent people and plans to continue hiring so as to better its services. He finished by stating that Handy would continue to offer quality and affordable service.

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