The US Money Reserve is the designated distributor of the Coronation 2018 gold coins

The US Money Reserve is the designated distributor of the Coronation 2018 gold coins.

The US Money Reserve was founded in the year 2001 and since then, it has gained the reputation of being a giant in the distribution of gold, silver and platinum products that are issued by both the US and foreign governments. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

Recently, the US Money Reserve started distributing three sets of the coin from the Perth Mint. The low mintage coins are in honor of the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 65th anniversary. The significant aspects of the Coronation 2018 Coin Set include the following:

  • The coins are branded with “First Strike” label from PCGS.
  • The design has only 20 complete sets that available in the United States from the US Money Reserve.
  • The coins are of legal tender and have been made of gold and silver.
  • The coins are highly collectible and available for only a year.
  • The coins have individually numbered certificates that show authenticity.

The US Reserve has also been involved with several tributes to the longest reigning monarch in Britain with coins such as the Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Proof Coin Set in the year 2016. Also, the Royal Wedding Platinum Coin was released by the Perth Mint in the year 2017. and

Furthermore, the US Money Reserve is also prided on being the most significant worldwide distributor of the 75th Anniversary Pearl Habor series of coins.

The Perth Mint and the US Money Reserve have been valued partners for an extended period, and the Chief Executive Officer Richard Hayes is proud to work with the US Money Reserve.

The US Money Reserve for a long time now has been committed to delivering the best in the industry of precious metals in the country.

The outstanding history of the US Money Reserve in dealing with precious metals are among the reasons why the Perth Mint that is located in Australia has commissioned it with distributing the Coronation 2018 gold coins.

Also, it is a privilege for the US Money Reserve to be designated with the distributions of the coins because they are low mintage coins with a total of only 250 coins being minted.

The coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II took place on June 2, 1953, an event that captured the attention of millions around the world. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook  PRNewswire

The inauguration was a historic moment as it rekindled a new hope after an extended period of grim austerity of the post-war.

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