There are many of us who take out freedom for granted. Just by taking in a breathe of air, we take our freedoms for granted. It’s time for all of us to take a look at what we have, understanding how grateful we should really be.

What better way to illustrate this point by speaking about Yeonmi Park. She is a woman who has never know what true freedom was. She never even heard the word until she gained her freedom. This is how foreign the concept was to her. In fact, the happiest moment in her life in the past was when she got food. How is that for a dose of reality?

“My father died early on in North Korea, which is where I am from. He never had the chance to know what true freedom was. He heard about it from others, but only from a distance. He never got to experience it from a true “reality” perspective”.

“It’s funny. He never even knew about food or eating, as a whole. He would have been horrified over how much food Americans actually throw away. I mean, to him food was a basic necessity, not a luxury. If I had all the luxuries that Americans have growing up in North Korea, I most likely would not have left. I left because I wanted to have freedom. I wanted to feel what every freedom is really like. That is why I left. I am lucky to be here today. Yes, there are some facts which I kept hidden. I did this for my personal safety, as well as my family’s safety. Once you understand my story, you will understand why I did it all”. Park said in a New York Times interview.

When you read over Miss Park’s whole story, you really do get a good insight to how other the other side of the world lives. Her Amazon released book is really a remarkable stepping stone for someone looking to have a better life. Someone who pushed herself to leave her past behind and build a better life for herself.

You can read the full story on the Truly an inspiring situation.


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