The Top Myths About the Koch Brothers

Charles and David Koch are well-known businessmen as well as political influences. Charles Koch is the proud owners of Koch Industries which is a family owned oil refining business that produces some of the much needed materials for popular goods. The family-owned corporation has gained Charles and David Koch both name recognition as well as wealth. Charles Koch is a multi-billionaire who have been spreading their idea of a free market with no government intervention. With their wealth and prestige, the Koch brothers have been able to utilize their power in order to play an important role within the political world.

Here are the top myths about the Koch brothers:

1.) The Koch brothers created their network to retaliate against Obama

Though the Koch brothers are in strong opposition with the champion of the liberals, Barack Obama, their billion dollar network was not created just to fight against him. Since the 1970s, Charles Koch has been making substantial donations to free market institutions such as George Mason University as well as several think tanks. David Koch even ran for Vice President on the Libertarian side in 1980.

2.) The Koch brothers’ network is only their project

This myth is false because the entirety of the Koch brothers’ network is made up of hundreds of free market believing wealthy family. In 2003 this network began with 17 individuals and families and has grown to be over 500 families and individuals in 2016. The donations that are made by their network have helped to fund the GOP presidential candidates will millions of much needed dollars.

3.) The network is nothing more than a third political party

This myth is highly untrue because of how intertwined Charles and David Koch are with the GOP. David and Charles Koch have become involved with the Republican party to encourage the shift to the right that would decrease government intervention. With the knowledge that independent parties do not win elections, the Koch brothers proudly call themselves members of the GOP.

4.) The Koch brothers give money to all conservative groups

Though the Koch brothers fund many organizations, these funded organizations are carefully chosen with a chosen amount to give. Each funded organization receives money in a strategic manner with an end-goal. Not all conservative groups with the United States receive large sums of financing from David and Charles Koch’s network of wealthy and influential investors.

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