The Success of Dan Newlin

There are a plethora of injury lawyers, and Dan Newlin is one of the best. I have seen his commercials and heard testimonials about this attorney, and many people seem to agree that he gets results. My experience with Dan Newlin comes through information that I have gathered from my own family.

I have a brother that has used the services of Dan Newlin for the Orlando office, and he was more than pleased with what Dan Newlin was able to do. The personal injury law field has a ton of people in the field, and Newlin seems to have the experience that it takes to continually gain new clients. He has acquired more than $150 million for his clients. As one of those clients my brother received a large sum in what I thought was a quick time frame. I am confident that no other attorney in the Orlando area could have done what Dan Newlin did in such a short time frame.

Newlin has managed to set himself apart, in my opinion, by gathering a strong team of lawyers that are able to dissect the facts and put together a strong case. My brother was a client for Dan Newlin, but I was the one that recommended him to go to see Newlin. I have seen the commercials for his services. I was aware that he was one of the top lawyers in the Orlando area. That is why Newlin was the best lawyer for the case. What Dan Newlin has done in both Chicago and Orlando is amazing. He has had cases where he won a $100 million dollar lawsuit for a teenager with a brain injury. My brother was not injured this badly, but my family knew that Dan Newlin would be the best choice for a personal injury lawyer.

He has won some pretty substantial cases, and his success has not gone unrecognized. There are numerous commercials and billboards for this law offices of Dan Newlin. He has managed to build a successful track record because he keeps his name out there. His marketing for his law offices is as strong as his law expertise. This is the primary reason that he has continues to be build a huge clientele. My family is aware of his talents, and he is the one that we would trust to handle any other injury cases that we have.

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