The Story Behind the Daily Herald News article

For years, dog owners have been buying dog foods and treats for their dogs, and they have been on the search for the best products to give them. Peace of mind when it comes to what brand of dog food you buy is now easier to find. The Daily Herald recently did an article where they told of all of the ways the companies who produce the food that our dogs eat are starting to change their game. One of the biggest changes that is noticeable is the ingredients in the food that is being put on the shelves, things like real spinach and real meat are starting to show up in the ingredients labels of dog foods, and more natural ingredients rather than unnatural ones.

This is a big deal for all those who love their dogs and want to give them the best of the best when it comes to what goes in their dish. Filling the dog dish with natural and real ingredients is not the only thing that the companies are changing though, companies like the Purina company have also started to make changes with how they make the packaging that goes with the food. After all, humans are not the only ones who like to eat fresh food. Many people are saying that these changes are going to change the world for good, and many more people are starting to go for the buy when it comes to dog food. In fact, 45% is how much the sales for Premium dog food has gone up.


Beneful is one of the lines of dog food that was created by the company that is well-known and very popular, Nestle Purina Petcare. Having many great qualities to offer, the Beneful line of dog food is said to be one of the best lines produced by the Purina company. Fats, Vitamins, real meat, real veggies, real fruit, real grains and Proteins are just some of the great things you can expect from the Beneful brand.

Many dog owners have taken the opportunity to give their dogs the Beneful dog food, and almost all of the customers who did purchase a Beneful product were completely satisfied with the reaction they got from their dogs. The line of Beneful dog food is one of the best types of dog food on the market, and they even have 3 different types of food to offer, dog treats, dry dog food and wet dog food.

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