The silent titan

The internet is an assortment of everything that relates to human activity. Human beings have a very diverse social culture that dictates how we live. It is this same social culture that has led to the evolution of the World Wide Web as we know it today. This social culture is slowly learning to embrace the web, and a virtual society is emerging as a result. Today most businesses are on the web with e-commerce being the in thing now and with mobile support from big key industry players such as Android pay and apple pay, it’s only a matter of time before physical businesses are tales of a forgotten old world. Known for an effective multi-level business model, international ecommerce company Qnet strives to deliver wellness products and services through trained independent representatives.

Qnet is one company that has embraced this change in time and made a killing with it. Qnet was brought into being in 1998 by Vijay Eswarang in Hong Kong China. Qnet follows a unique multi-level marketing strategy to get its products across to the consumers. It mostly relies on sole representatives who refer its products to the users. The agents then receive compensations depending on the significance of their sales. QNet is a well known international marketing firm.

Qnet also employs aggressive campaign strategies that include lawsuits and ads in newspapers. Qnet has established its offices in countries all over the world from Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Egypt including others and currently is looking into making India its main hub. Reports show the company has already started producing some of its products in the country. This change in production has seen the company’s sales figures grow massively by 100% with hopes of getting even higher. Qnet’s move into India has expanded economic growth even further by providing an open platform for entrepreneurs to share their unique ideas to an open market.
Qnet has thrived on the web; it has grown to a modern day corporate titan that has benefited a lot from what the web has to offer.

The internet has been described as the first thing humanity built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have never had. It is the single most crucial development in the history of human communication. When used decorously, the internet can be a detailed library of data that can prove to be a key universal toolset. Those that say there no more giants today are all looking in all the wrong places, because e-commerce is definitely a modern day titan.

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