The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Is Attracting New Business To Newark

Economic development is something that it always needed by every city in the country. Businesses come and go and when they leave, they take jobs with them. This means the people in charge of the economic development of the area must always be out there selling their city to new people. If they don’t, they’ll notice a downtrend where no new business open and older ones leave. It happens every day in cities all around the nation. That’s why economic development corporations like the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation are so important for a functioning financial life.

Kevin Seawright is running the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation after his recent appointment. He brings a lot of experience in finance from the various jobs he’s spent working for big city governments on the East Coast. As CFO and Executive Vice President of The Newark CEDC, he’s responsible for all financial matters related to the organization. Crunchbase says that Seawright and the rest of the staff have been tasked by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka to help bring prosperity back to the neighborhoods in the city. That can only be done by attracting new business while keeping the ones who are there happy. Business owners have a large number of concerns about doing business in any city. They want to make sure they have some sort of support system in place.

The Newark CEDC is reaching out to people who want to build businesses in the neighborhoods of Newark. They’re able to help them with many facets of their project, including site selection. Business owners will find it useful to have someone that can help them with demographic information and more. It’s tough opening up a new location, and often the biggest problem is a lack of knowledge. That’s what this organization is in business to help with. They can provide business owners with enough information that they can take decisive and correct action. This type of person to person, ground-level support can help companies establish the type of deep roots they need to make a real difference in a community. That’s the type of relationship that the neighborhood, the city, and the business all need. This helps rebuild areas that are in need of redevelopment in a way that is sustainable and that can bring in more jobs and new residents. Newark is going to grow through these types of efforts as long as they continue to execute.

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