The New EOS Lip Balm Vegan Flavor Comes In A Different Container

It looks like EOS lip balm is at it again. This time, the brand has delved into a flavor that most users cannot stay away from. Like Miley Cyrus put it in a song, this flavor is completely irresistible. The latest launch features a revamp of vegan, coupled with wax. The combination frees your lips from the usual, lip balm, sticky feeling.


The vegan brand has a new container

One amazing yet surprising factor about this brand is that it has avoided its conventional signature, the sleek, pyramid container. The new flavor is too good to sell in EOS’s usual container, see also Away from the beautiful packaging is the brand’s composition. The hypoallergenic salve comprises a hydrating feature to make your lips supple. Coupled with a natural combination of shea butter, EOS vegan brand is definitely giving other brands a run for their money.


There are two major flavors of this vegan brand:

Vanilla Orchid – this flavor is often to a heavenly smell. Its composition borders a tropical, island, coupled with mai tais, a flow that symbolizes water. Check here.

Hibiscus Peach – from the name, this flavor bears a combination of peaches and hibiscus. With the natural composition, it is evident that the flavor offers long-lasting, health benefits to the lips.


The conclusion

From the two compositions, it is easy to select both flavors as they bear healthy benefits to your lips. Generally, EOS lip balm has multiple, other, flavors that bear natural ingredients. Based on, when the brand was launched into the oral care industry, the market was set ablaze with most clients dropping their traditional lip balm brand, Chapstick, for EOS. Until now, EOS has been gracing beauty magazines following the number of users it has garnered since it was launched. For EOS and its team, the defining factor, the selling point, lies in the brand’s composition. With that said, EOS lip balm is set to expand its boundaries far and wide.


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