The Magnificent Of Vijay Eswaran And His Achievement In The Business’ World.

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian business man who has established a business empire that has created a great impact in the world of business. The most striking thing about his business empire is that his business magnificent seeps power from the Gandhian principles. You will wonder how he manages to stand at the top of business class with his businesses reigning supremely globally.

Penang-born Eswaran has also specialized as a speaker and philanthropist. He is a graduate with a degree in socio-economics. He graduated from the London school of Economics back in 1984 afterwhich he stayed in Europe for one year doing some sorts of odds jobs. After tow years, Vijay Eswaran went ahead with his studies where afterward he obtained an MBA from the University of Southern Illinois. Thereafter, he worked so hard to fight hard angles towards creating his own business.

Today Vijay Eswaran (LinkedIN) is an executive chairman of the QI group that was founded in year 1998. This is an e-commerce based conglomerate with several enterprises diversified into retail and direct selling, luxury and collectibles, technology, education, lifestyle and leisure, conference management and training, logistic and property development.

As discussed above, Vijay Eswaran is an executive chairman of Quest International group that own outlets offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Quest International group also own offices in over other thirty countries through wide range of other companies. He is also a member of Advisory Board of the Global Business Council and Corporate Malaysia Round table. On top of GIBM ward that had been awarded on him there before, in 2012 Vijay Eswaran was conferred an award of the Outstanding Entrepreneur of the year at the Asian Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2012. He is one of Forbes Asia’s top most of forty eight philanthropists.

Vijay Eswaran has also authored number of books such as the popular “The Sphere of Silence”. He describes the book as a nowadays tool for achieving success. This book is not oriented to any one of the global religion. In this book he also praises the brilliance of the Indians diaspora.

The presence of Eswaran will win Malaysia a grand opportunity to visualize in the increasingly and influential of financial powers. His achievement in managing several establishments all over the world and the powers to unfold the secret toward success are unsearchable by any means. His authoritative power in engaging the human ideology and entrepreneurship perspective are untouchable. He has challenged the business’ world with his business conquering principles and practices.

In one of his interview, he emphasized on the importance of listening rather than talking. He also unfolded that the practice depends on duty, devotion and knowledge that motions the liberation.

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