The Importance Of Economists Like Christian Broda To A Country

In the contemporary world, we carry out our various tasks without the knowledge of how different scarce resources such as land, raw materials, labor and machinery are found and exploited to bring up the goods and services offered to us. Things such as the growth and development of firms and industries, the good decision making in our governments on matters to deal with the country’s economic issues arising in the sector of currency fluctuation against foreign currencies and how they affect import and export markets. We have no idea on how the economy is balanced; all we want to hear is that the prices are fair and accessible in the market without the knowledge of how it came to be.

The research conducted by Christian Broda on factors like energy costs, inflation, interest rates, farm prices, rents, imports, exports and employment, are performed carrying survey, questionnaires, reading of different articles, exchange of ideas and debating so as to present economic and statistical concepts in a clear, meaningful way for those who do not have a background in economics. These economists are in various discipline, for instance, one can be deal with monetary and financial issues. Others deal with government, education sector, health and so many sectors, and they provide information concerning these areas when matters arise. Economists work alone in that, they don’t require supervision and pressure in terms of deadlines and tight schedules, their work requires writing of reports, preparing of statistical charts, using of computers and may sometimes be required to go for research. A lot of individuals don’t get bothered about how things work according to plan, only that everything is made easier and accessible for them. It is obvious that these individuals don’t think about men and women who have designed and made these things easier for them to manage and go on with their lives without problems.

Among many, we come across an economist Dr Christian Broda. Dr Broda is a married man, with two sons and an economist with a Ph D and a Masters from Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as a Bachelor from Universidad de San Andres in Argentina, where due to hard work became the managing director at the Duquesne Capital management. Prior to that, he doubled his efforts and served as the professor of economics at the University of Chicago, his hard work has been proved in the numerous published articles and books on international finance and trade. His efforts born fruits in 2005 and 2008 when he was awarded two national science foundation grants to support his research, and this led to him being named the James S.Kemperer scholar in 2006.

Dr. Broda also served appointments at Lehman Brothers as chief international economist. He later became a co-editor of the IMF Economic review and a member of the Latin American Association Economic Journal.

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