The Exceptional Leadership of Dez Perez at ROC Nation

Desire Perez has been a close ally with Jay Z for close to 20 years now. Des has a long track record of running SC Enterprises with her husband Juan Perez “OG” who also runs Roc Nation Sports. Desiree Perez is well known for her fiercely tough negotiator skill and a rapid numbers cruncher. She is a ‘BOSS’ she loves her thing done and done in the best way. With her excellent negotiation skills, she was the one behind the Beyoncé Formation Stadium Tour and Rihanna Samsung deal.

Perez happens to be a part of the Hova Circle of influence that consists of Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, Ty Ty Smith, and Chaka Pilgrim. This group runs not only Roc Nation but also various wigs of management, publishing and label operation. Tidal is a business that is mostly endorsed by Jay Z the R&B and rap star. Making Tidal successful was not easy for Jay Z and he sacrificed a lot of things to see the company successful. During his journey with Tidal that is when Jay Z discovered Desiree Perez, and that is when things started getting better and better for Tidal. Des knew at first that she had to create an interest in the streaming service before they made the content and the presentation excellent.

Des had been very helpful to Jay Z of coming up with vital contracts that have made millions of dollars to Tidal. She has also helped in finalizing Roc contracts, and she has made it very tough for the business. Des has helped Jay Z in a significant way and one that Des has her own business she has mastered the art of closing big deals for her company. It might sound like a disadvantage to Jay Z, but his company is also coming out very strong. and Follow him

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