The Environmental Law in South Africa

Environmental law is the collective term that is used to give a description of the network of treaties, custom laws and regulations that are used to address the effects of human activities on the natural environment. They are designed so as to have a general goal of meeting the sustainable goals: which means using the environment with the aim of utilizing these resources in a way that will not limit the future generations from using the environment as well. Environmental laws give a diverse view of how the environment can be protected.

Environmental laws have been incorporated into the State laws and are being used in order to maintain a balance between the human species and the other components of their ecosystem. There are a number of acts for example the Clean Water Act, Endangered species Act, The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act and the Clean Air Act. Other Laws may include the Common Law, which allow land users to sue the polluter based in these laws; the State Laws may as well reflect some of the concerns which give authority grounds of the mostly affected property owners to seek judicial remedy for environmental harms.

One thing about the Environmental Law is that it is the universal language in the globe. In South Africa the Environmental law is described by our learned law friends as the legal rules that sync the social, economic, philosophical and jurisprudential issues raised by efforts to conserve the environment in South Africa. Globally, every person has the right to access a safe and clean environment.

This section of the law has become a very in-depth section to have covered and many huge law firms have at least a department and a group of professionals taking care of that. The Joubert Schoeman Attorneys is an example of the large law firms that are on point with fighting environmental crimes. At Joubert Schoeman, they hold on a saying that every solution needs certain amount of ingredience. Their senior partners, Frans Schoeman and Helene Joubert have a combined experience in law of over three decades.

Frans Schoeman, graduated from the University of the Free State in 1990. He worked out pro bono cases while working at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. He is a man that cares about Art and culture, children, education, science, the human rights and political sector. He also has a passion towards the Environment which has been expressed by his working on a number of pro bono environment suits. He started practicing in the High Courts of the Republic of South Africa in June 2003.

Schoeman is currently also the Managing Director of the Phatsima Diamond Corporation a mining concession in Angola. He is also a self-motivated attorney with vast strength and expertise knowledge of commercial, business and environmental law. Mr. Frans also supervises and oversees construction of difficult and complicated legal mergers, acquisitions, drafts, contact negotiations, issues of procurement and other general legal intellect at the TG Mintster Consulting.

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