The Dorchester Collection Offers Excellent Accomodations

The Dorchester Collection offers luxury hotels to stay in. They are a collection of 10 of them. Since these hotels offer the very finest amenities, many people desire to stay at them. All of them are rated with five stars.

What Are The Names Of The Dorchester Luxury Hotels?

The names of the ten hotels are the Beverly Hills Hotel, The Dorchester, Hotel Meurice, Plaza Athénée, Hotel Eden, Hotel Bel-Air, Principe di Savoia, Coworth Park, Le Richemond and 45 Park Lane.

Where Are The Dorchester Luxury Hotels Located At?

There are two in the United States, three in the United Kingdom, one in Switzerland, two in France and two in Italy. Here is where they are located:

The Dorchester Collection Hotels Have Great Amenities

There are plenty of great amenities in these hotels. From spas, pools and saunas to luxury items in the rooms, everything is the best in these hotels. Patrons enjoy great service too because they are treated like royalty when they stay in them.

The Great Foods In The Hotels

The Dorchester Collection hotels offer fine dining in their hotels. Patrons can dine on delectable dishes and excellent cuisine. Top of the line foods are followed by excellent desserts. Everyone that stays at these hotels tells will have the opportunity to delight their palates.

YouTube video highlight:

William Oliveri of Le Bar 228 at Le Meurice shows how to prepare his signature Bellini, one of the finest cocktails in France. M. Oliveri’s Bellini is his own variation, with peach puree and a touch of peach liquer to unite the flavors of the fruit and the champagne.

The Dorchester Collection hotels offer a grand experience. Since patrons love staying at them, they recommend them to their friends, relatives and neighbors. All are pleased with their stay and awesome experience when they stay at these fantastic hotels.

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