The Darius Fisher Approach To Dealing With Document Dumps and Exposures

Documents dumps are absolutely not something anyone wants to experience. A writer for the Daily Beast crafted an excellent article about the dangers of personal data being released online. Sadly, many people do not realize that sensitive information about their life and finances may be floating out there on the internet.


And the public release of private information is potentially very dangerous. Identity thieves could have a proverbial field day with social security numbers, credit card info, and bank account numbers.


There is also the issue of personal information about a career or family situation possibly being discussed on social media or message boards. Personal laundry could very well be aired without the subject’s knowledge or consent. It happens though.


The article suggests a number of helpful tips for dealing with such a horrific situation. The removal of all personal information from websites or online resource services is a must. So is changing the privacy settings on social media accounts. Doing so protects content from prying eyes and search engine crawlers.


Never overlook the very simple things that could keep privacy secure. Change passwords regularly. This way, it becomes harder to compromise them. And run a Google search now and then. Doing so allows the searcher to see what others would view. The information revealed may be shocking


Where did the author get all this advice? These are suggestions made by Darius Fisher, the executive in charge of the reputation management firm named Status Labs. Darius Fisher is known as a “fixer”. As is the case in movies and novels, Fisher works hard at fixing up the messes people make that could ruin their reputation and business.


The approach Fisher employs is not based on any off-the-wall fiction. Fisher relies concepts rooted in social media and digital marketing. The process of fixing a reputation is hardly easy. A lot of work is required, but Fisher’s experience in marketing and his innovative ideas and approaches allow him to help clients all over the world. And clients do need his help because, without it, they would never be able to reverse problems present in the search engine results.

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