The Advertising Giant in Brazil

Claudio Loureiro is one of the greatest names in the advertising industry in Brazil being the founder and the president of Heads Agency. The law graduate has been making headlines in the advertising industry and he has won numerous awards to show for it. For instance, he won the Colunistas Award for being an excellent professional in the advertising industry in 1997. He has also made himself a name in the social responsibility front where he won an award in 2013. Due to his skills and great sense of leadership, he also became a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Among the greatest advertising firms in Brazil, Heads is one of the biggest in the country. I addition, it is the most renowned among all the privately owned advertising companies and it has been listed among the top 20. In the city of Rio de Janeiro, the company is listed among the top 5 biggest advertising companies. The company works under a specific principle which is to create an advertising agency that draws inspiration from life. The company has been very active in providing unlimited advertisement in response to seasons and market trends. Among its strengths is the line of competitive communication environment that the company operates in.

Via their Facebook the company has invested heavily in the industry and it has different products that it offers over the different mediums. One of its greatest medium that the company has really used is the television. Adverts meant for television are very effective and they reach a considerable number of audience hence the growth of TV advertising. Heads has utilized this space and it has taken advantage of the communication infrastructure in the country to make its advertising business grow. With the Brazilian economy on the rise and investment on an upward trend, advertising business has been on the rise.

Another medium that has really been very effective is the print and digital platform. The company has been doing enough marketing and advertising for businesses setting up in the country through these mediums and it has been booming business. Digital advertising is currently being fueled by the technological advancement and the growing internet connectivity around the globe. As result, this medium of advertising has grown to become the most effective considering the audience that it reaches on a global scale. As such, Heads has been taking advantage of the advertising opportunities presented by the internet and the print media as well.

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