Telereal Trillium a Success with Graham Edwards

No one understands property management and investing like Graham Edwards, chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium Ltd in London. The company has acquired much success since he joined the team in 2001 and it just keeps getting better.

With a degree in economics from Cambridge University in England, Graham utilized his education to inspire success and growth. He was a chief investment officer at an asset management company in England before he began running Telereal. With this knowledge, Graham pulled in a billion dollar contract to manage large buildings such as the Department for Work and Pensions.

In addition to his business skills, Graham is on many committees throughout England including the Association of Corporate Treasurers, the UK Society of Investment Professionals, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and works hard to maintain his influential connections.

With his involvement in a huge transaction in 2004, Graham was able to acquire Telereal from Land Securities Group Plc. He has proven his expertise time and again and has been able to generate about £1 billion per year in revenue. This is one of the reasons why he sits on many boards throughout England.

Graham also enjoys studying other avenues besides business including real estate, engineering and water. He believes in furthering his education as he is working to receive a master’s degree in International Relations in King’s College London. In addition to his studies, Graham takes a lot of pride in the philanthropic work he does for humanity.

With all that he does and has achieved, Graham Edwards’ story is inspiration and motivation for anyone who wants to excel in the property management and investment profession. This is someone who has already gained an abundance of success in his impressive career and still desires to better himself by furthering his education. More information on his professional portfolio can be found on his online and is certainly worth a look ( Be sure to take a look at the Telereal Trillium website for more information on the company.


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