Talk Fusion Is A Trend Setter In Video Email Technology

The Relevancy Group, a market research organization, released a study showing email marketing campaigns grew 40% with a video insertion. As viewers attention span decreases, video email marketing is capturing their attention.

The study showed open rates of 20% and increased click-through rates with video email. Researchers claim that video inserted into email campaigns is better than text, providing on-demand satisfaction and pleasure. Video email campaigns deliver is a powerful method to convey a brand’s image and perception.

A trendsetter in video email campaign development is Brandon, Florida-based Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is the world’s 8th largest online video content provider. CEO Robert Reina created the company in 2007 after a failed video email via America Online. Frustrated by the stubborn stance of America Online towards his invention, Reina, and a friend developed a successful method for video insertion into emails.

How easy Talk Fusion is, makes it very appealing. Those new to video marketing find video emailing daunting. To ease their fear, Talk Fusion provides subscribers with 1000 easy to use, templates for every conceivable scenario They can create custom templates as well to satisfy specific demands.

Talk Fusion creator Robert Reina vision is to unite individuals, on a global scale, through video email technology. Talk Fusion connects people around the world through contemporary video innovation and wants to share it, allowing them to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Reina’s experience in relationship marketing and his leadership qualities has earned him recognition as a trendsetter in the industry.

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