Swiss Financial Expert Mike Baur Is Helping Young Entrepreneurs

There has always been a cloak and dagger mystic surrounding the murky world of Swiss banking. For years, Swiss banks have used secret codes and completed questionable transactions all in the name of individual privacy and protection. But the shroud covering the Swiss banking empire is beginning to disintegrate and what is underneath isn’t very pretty. Swiss bankers are nervous, and account holders are uneasy. But one Swiss banker is leaving all the mystery and secret codes behind, and he is helping young entrepreneurs change their creative ideas into thriving businesses. That man is Mike Baur, a former Sallfort Bank executive. Baur recently formed Bainso, a private company that helps young entrepreneurs establish themselves in the business world.

Bainso helps young business people find financial backing, and Baur helps them develop networking techniques. Bainso also helps them set up operational systems that work for creative people and other employees of the startup. Mike Baur started Bainso after he got involved with the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory helps young Swiss entrepreneurs develop a business plan. The entrepreneurs that participate in the Swiss Startup Factory gain a wealth of knowledge from members like Mike Baur. Baur has more than 20 years of experience in Swiss banking, so he is able to push startups in the right direction when it comes to finding capital and developing financial plans.

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Mike Baur left the Swiss Banking world in order to change the way Swiss companies are viewed in the world. Mike Baur believes that today’s young Swiss business people have a lot to offer the world, and Baur wants to help them become part of the international business community. Switzerland has always been considered a neutral country, but when it comes to being a capitalistic competitor, there is nothing neutral about Swiss business people.

One of the exciting aspects of Baur’s quest to help young Swiss businesses is his ability to open doors for young entrepreneurs that have been closed for years. Baur has a plethora of contacts in the financial sector, and he also has the ability to bring foreign investors to the table so capital can be raised in a reasonable amount of time. But it’s not just the financial connections that make Bainso so important in the Swiss business world. Baur is a well-rounded businessman that has a proven track record. When Baur isn’t helping young entrepreneurs, he can be found spending time with his family in Zurich. 

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