Susan Macgalla’s Tips to Being a Successful Woman

For more than a century now there has been a lot of advocacy on changes that need to be done to change conditions and standards of women in workplaces. Data from labor reports show that the current percentage of women contributing to the labor force accounts for 46.9% with less than 15% featuring as executive officers.

Despite the high number of women in the workforce, most Americans are still not advancing career wise. This is something Susan Macgalla believes can change with the right strategies.

As a successful founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and an expert in marketing, branding and time management, she believes that success is possible if only we know where to look. She represents success and has a couple of tips she could share with women who want to succeed.  To read about this, follow this link.

Invest in higher education to increase your opportunities

Susan advises women to further their studies so as to excel in a male dominated world. It is important for university-educated women to increase if the number of successful women in the nation is to go up. The growing cost of higher education should not be intimidating to the younger women. Susan believes that they can rely on scholarships and education financing to pursue this goal.  Related Articles on

Confidence is key

Most women get into the workforce and get intimidated. This is counterintuitive since confidence is crucial to success. Women need to find support systems to help them forge on in confidence.

Always Ignore the Glass Ceilings

According to Susan, her excellence came to be by ignoring glass ceilings. Focusing on work ethics and not concentrating on prejudice will guarantee success. Discrimination and stereotyping will always exists and only those strong enough to deal with it will succeed.

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