Stream Energy Gives Back

Stream Energy has long been known as an innovative company. It takes a lot of heart to even attempt to revolutionize the energy marketplace in Texas, as Stream has done. Recently, Stream Energy formed Stream Cares to give back to the communities that it serves.

Stream Cares is a new foundation that will help Stream Energy direct its philanthropic efforts more effectively. Stream Energy has been actively giving back for over 10 years, all over the country. But after all those years, it became apparent to Stream that more structure would benefit both the company and the communities it serves.

Many corporations like to give back simply for the PR boost. But Stream has long been more focused on accomplishing things. Part of this is due to the company’s structure. Because Stream’s work force is made up of direct sellers, they have an unusually large number of go-getters to draw from.

The Stream team has really showed what they can do in the face of Dallas’s homeless crisis and Houston’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey. Though it serves seven states, Stream is based in Dallas. Texas issues are always very close to this company’s heart.

Stream Energy’s response in a crisis is never limited to just writing a check. Stream employees and direct sellers always love to volunteer and get involved in hands-on ways. For example, they donate transportation or deliver supplies to people.

Stream Energy has long been involved with Hope Supply Co., which helps homeless families in the Dallas area. Stream is proud to host homeless children at a theme park for a day. The experience helps the community, and Stream always learns so much from it, too.

The boost the company gets from PR is not as important as the boost they get from feeling that they’re of service to their community. The team from Stream loves to exercise their leadership skills and demonstrate their efficiency for everyone.

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