Started EOS Balms for Amazing Moisture

EOS is the wonderful lip balm company that made its grand entrance to the stage nearly a decade ago. It was a bleak time. It was a time when if you had chapped lips you must troll to the drug store section of your local CVS or Walgreens and choose from a number of medicinal looking tubes that probably tasted just as bad as the packaging looked. Sure, there were glosses and stains, but none of those offered what we all demanded – moisture! It’s hot out there and out lips are the forgotten heroes of summertime. So, chapped and dry, we applied cake-like “stick” from a tube in the privacy of our own homes and then covered it with gloss, hoping for true moisture. Read more related article here on

Then, out of the purses and pockets of people like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus came a tiny ball. And what was in that ball was a revolution. EOS’s revolutionary lip balms were housed in adorable little balls that open in the middle and provide not only an incredible amount of moisture but a satisfying “click” when they close became all the rage.

If you haven’t tried EOS yet, here are some “starter” EOS lip balms for you to test drive. These ones are the cornerstone of the brand and have proved to be the best and the best, year after year. Order now!


Summer Fruit

This scent or taste can’t be truly explained. It is the heart of EOS. It is the most popular of all the spheres, housed in a gorgeous pinkish, orange case. The scents are all that is summer-esque. However, the individual fruits elude me.


Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet is the sweet and soft sister of summer fruit. Unlike the bold scents of summer fruit, this one provides exactly what was promised: strawberry and sweetness. It is perfect for an EOS first timer that is just getting to know the brand and wants that satisfying sweetness.

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