Stansberry Research: Best Investment to Venture Into; Insurance Stocks

Stansberry Research is an American publishing company that is privately owned. It is located at the center of Baltimore, Maryland. It has other offices in Florida, California, and Oregon. Stansberry Research specializes in services related to investment research where it offers information service through newsletters. The information released is normally written and edited by financial editors. The major topics under coverage are power, oil, mining, and natural resource investment. Moreover, they tackle health care and biotechnological issues. There are subscribers from over 100 countries for their newsletter. The company was founded in 1999 as a sole investment research company. The founder of the Stansberry Research is Frank Porter Stansberry who writes pieces giving opinions on financial publications over the controversial issues that come up and any other vital topic. Some of Stansberry’ Research work includes the production of the 2011 infomercial called The End of America and the Project to Restore America in 2012. Another significant person in this company is Matt Badiali who serves as the editor of S&A Resource Report that majors with natural resources, energy, metals, and investments.

In a recent article released by Stansberry Research, Porter addresses the benefits of profitable underwriting as the only stocks to teach kids to buy. He discusses the perfect way to get rich and grow richer. He says that these are the only tips that he would probably advise his kids to buy since they are one of the major investment in life. As the article begins, he warns the readers that the only better way is to learn and not to teach. He shares the story of Shelby Davis and says that he is one of the investors that he knows who rose to become a billionaire through long-term ownership of the passive interests from the public firms. Shelby was using his own money, unlike others who use other people money to make investments. Today, Shelby is on the list of Forbes400 of the richest in America. Porter discloses the investment behind this growth and success as the use of insurance stocks ( It was not just any kind, but specifically, he bought property and casualty (P & C). This is because most insurance companies were not focused on such investments and this allowed him to earn more premiums than the companies would pay the claims.

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