Slyce Expands Its Visual Search Technology

Slyce Inc., a leading company in mobile device image recognition technology, has announced new innovations in the product line it will make available for retailers.
The Slyce visual search software allows a company to make their product line available to potential customers via smartphone mobile devices. Customers can snap a image of a 2D or 3D item, and then have a retailer’s matching product line appear on the mobile device. The customer then can make a purchase of the desired product from their mobile phone.
Slyce technology is already being employed by such global retailers as JC Penney, Home Depot, Tilly’s, and Neiman Marcus.
Slyce will be introducing several new products, and ushering out previews of other items that are in the beta category as of now. All products will be designed to aid retailers with their retail platforms.
New Slyce products include:
Slyce Insights will provide retailers with analytics concerning how customers use visual search software.
A Universal Scanner will allow consumers to snap or scan just about anything, and then receiver exact matches or similar results from a group of retailers.
Snap-to-Coupon will let a retailer’s software users to take a photo of printed coupons from newspapers, catalogs, or magazines. This will create a digital optimized version. The user will be notified about using the coupon when they are nearby, or if the coupon is about to expire.
Slyce Out of Stock Tool is software designed to boost mobile device-related sales by instantly giving customers alternatives when a product uis deemed to be out of stock.

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