Sergio Cortes Continues To Do His Best

Sergio Cortes has become one of the most impressive MJ impersonators around. He has been able to captivate the hearts of millions of Michael Jackson fans with a fantastic show with Michael Jackson numbers. There are MJ impersonators around the world, but Sergio Cortez may be the best of the best. He has done well enough to go on tour and make a living performing as Michael Jackson. Many people that have seen him perform are aware of the spectacular show that he provides to MJ fans.

Cortez has spent a lot of time dazzling fans. He has this tour that is bound to get a lot of recognition because the demand for MJ tributes is growing. The Jackson catalog has expanded a lot over the years. Records are getting remastered. New material that was previously unreleased is finally seeing the light of day. There is even more new material on the way. At the moment Sergio has managed to stick to the Michael Jackson era from 1980s. This has become the era that shows up as the most dominant era for Michael. This was the decade for the great hits like “Thriller,” Billie Jean,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Something,” and “Man in the Mirror.” Fans might consider these the golden years. In other words, these are the prime years for just about any MJ impersonator.

Sergio is well aware of these golden years, and the core of his MJ shows focus on this time. He hasn’t had a need to shake things up that much because there is a lot of popularity surrounding these hits. He doesn’t have to search far outside of this era to expand his show. Jackson created more than enough hits from 1981 to 1989 to keep any impersonator busy. He did more tours during this time than any other era.

Sergio Cortes has been able to study a plethora of concerts from all of these years. This is the type of performer that has studied his idol and made people take notice of the great moves that he made. This would prove to be the greatest tribute to his idol. He made the shows very popular just by putting forth the effort to emulate Jackson. This cannot be understated. Sergio Cortes has put in the time to really excel in being the best Michael Jackson impersonator that he can be, and he is succeeding.

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