Sentient AI Helping Integrate E-commerce Recommendation Engine With E-Commerce Sites

When you visit an e-commerce site and search for something, you are displayed products in order of its relevancy. The e-commerce site uses your browsing history, product searches conducted, and other related parameters into account to provide on the spot product recommendations to the customers. It is done through the use of e-commerce recommendation engine powered by the artificial intelligence technology. Many companies are offering artificial intelligence platform and technologies, but the market leader in this field is Sentient AI, which was founded in the year 2007 by Babak Hodjat and Antoine Blondeau.


E-commerce companies are having a tough time these days to stay afloat in such a competitive environment. Using new and advanced intuitive artificial intelligence technology is vital to woo more customers, improve sales, encourage customer engagement, record customers’ interaction with the site, increase customer retention rate, improve customers’ loyalty, and more. The e-commerce recommendation engine is essential for the extensive e-commerce sites to ensure that they can provide the customers with precisely what they are looking for. Any company doesn’t want to leave their customers unattended, and without the e-commerce recommendation engine, it is just how the customers would feel. The customers need recommendations from the site they visit to narrow down their searches and make it easier for them to locate the product that meets their requirements.


E-commerce recommendation engine has played a vital role for most of the e-commerce companies to improve their conversion rates. It is because what good is the product in your inventory if the customers are not able to find it. When a customer visits a site online, they are presented with the filters to narrow down their search. It is further narrowed by the artificial intelligence working in the background to display the list of product to the customers that they are most likely to purchase. Sentient AI provides artificial intelligence platform that makes it easier for the companies to understand the customers’ requirement and decipher their shopping pattern through the collection as well as processing of enormous amount of data on a daily basis.


E-commerce recommendation engine is an integral part of the technological infrastructure of any e-commerce company these days because it is what would help in scaling the success the company has achieved to another level. Stay technologically updated is not only beneficial but also vital for the e-commerce company and using artificial intelligence technology ensures that the e-commerce company is future ready.

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