Securus Technologies – Decades of Experience in Inmate Communications and Crime Prevention Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the biggest firms in the field of inmate communications and correctional technology and has served more than 15 million customers till date. The company has product and services for the correctional sphere that serves the inmates as well as the law enforcement officials and agencies. At present, its services are used by over 3,450 law enforcement agencies and over 1,200,000 prisoners. The company believes in using the power of technology to make the incarceration experience better.


Securus Technologies recently released a media news release online to showcase the goodwill the company has generated among the law enforcement officials across the country. The company receives hundreds of letters from the law enforcement staff members who use the services of Securus Technologies on a daily basis. In the press release, the company has taken some of the comments from the letters and published to help the people understand precisely how Securus Technologies play a pivotal role in helping law enforcement officials catch the offenders.


I have been with the law enforcement agency for over two decades and found the services of Securus Technologies, such as Investigation Pro, extremely helpful. Previously, even if the police used to catch the offender, they would get away easily due to lack of information.


However, services of Securus Technologies makes it easier for us to get the information we need to not only prevent crime and catch the culprit but also get the evidence that would stand on its own in the court of justice. It is very crucial for us as law enforcement officials to see the culprit who we know is wrong to get the punishment he or she deserves, and not get away due to lack of evidence. I am thankful to Securus Technologies for changing that for us, and ensuring our efforts does not go in vain.

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