Marcio Alaor was recently honored by the Santo Antonio Do Monte community for his efforts in developing the Community. A food court he helped establish was named after him. He is the vice president of Banco BMG and a respected community and business leader. The food court is expected to provide a ready market for produce from the rural community. It will be a big boost to the local business community that has for a long time operated in an inefficient market. The court was named MARCIO ALAOR DE ARAUJO.
The event was a bright one attended by most leaders from the area. They included Wilmar Son the town Mayor and the Rural Union president Vilmar Octavian.In his speech, Mr. Wilmer thanked him for his efforts and said naming the place after he was synonymous with the role it was going to play. It was going to serve greatly the community and help many people prosper. He recalled his history from a shoe shiner to the position of a senior Honcho at the biggest consigned credit provider in Brazil. His success; he said was due to his hardworking nature and visional stature.

Luís Antônio Resende, who was representing the rural, spoke highly of Mr. Marcia.He thanked him for helping without expecting any returns or legislative seat and how he has assisted the local community.Mr. Vilmar Octavian while presenting him with a trophy showered him more praise to Cap of an incredible day for the banker.
Rising to speak, Mr. Marcio Alaor was elated to be honored.
It is not ordinary for humans honor the living. In Brazil like every other part, people speak highly of the dead but this was different. He expressed his utmost love for his city, his family, and his friends and graciously thanked them for all he has done. He proceeded to tell them of his story from his humble beginnings to where he is in life. It was all a blessing. He also promised to continue working hard to help those in needs and urged all to be each other’s keepers.
The naming of the food court after him is a new initiative in the area. It was during the 33rd edition if Expose Samonte in Santo Antonio do Monte.It is the Holy Agricultural Exhibition day here when the best step forward. Its significance for the local community cannot be underestimated.
Banco BMG is the leading consigned credit provider in Brazil. It has a big distribution network and covers a large area. Efforts of people like Marcia have shaped it to be people’s bank.Mr. Marcia is an inspiration to the population of Santo Antonio Do Monte.

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