Sanjay Shah’s Philanthropy to Help Children Affected by Autism.

Sanjay Shah was recently in an interview at the Enterprise Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio in a show that is hosted by Erick Dye. My Dye’s program is a business show that allows principals to interact with entrepreneurs, who are still developing and give them ideas, inspiration, motivation and knowledge of how to be successful. Mr. Shah, who is a founder of both Solo Capital Limited and the Autism Rocks, spoke about various matters at the show. These include how he started the Autism Rocks charity, the approaching concerts that will be held by Autism Rocks, and how business persons should run their enterprises for them to be successful.

Mr. Shah is a prominent entrepreneur and humanitarian, who lives in the United Kingdom and runs several businesses in Malta, Dubai, The Cayman Islands, London and The British Virgin Islands. He founded his Solo Capital as a trading firm, and it has since been successful. The firm is licensed by the U.K government and in the 2010-2011 fiscal year, he took home 19 million pounds from the company. Shah’s has private offices from which, he runs his businesses in Dubai and London, and his net worth is currently about 280 million dollars. Prior to starting Solo Capital, he was an accountant at various investment banks and a medical professional.

Sanjay started the Autism Rocks charity organization in 2014 to help children who are affected by the neurological disorder across the world. He was encouraged to found the institution by his son who has also been a victim of the condition since 2011. Mr. Shah’s autism campaign raises money for funding research on autism and creating consciousness about the disease among members of the public. His wife also makes personal contributions towards the fight against autism.

Autism Rocks makes money to support its operations through events that it hosts in conjunction with various renowned musicians from all parts of the globe. In 2014, the foundation held its first event and celebrities such as Prince, the late music star, were invited to entertain the crowd. Drake, Lenny, Snoop Dogg, and Michael Buble have also worked with Autism Rocks during its gigs. The 2016 concert will feature Florida and Tyga and is meant to be a family event and therefore, it will be filled with several fun activities. Anyone who would like to get more classification on the future concerts that will he hosted by the organization can visit


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