Rotten Beams Blamed for California Balcony Collapse

Investigators pointed to dry rot and moisture damage as a potential cause of the deadly balcony collapse in Berkeley, California. The accident took place in the early morning hours of June 16th.

According to official reports, 13 individuals were on the balcony during a 21st birthday party when the balcony suddenly collapsed stated Handy.
All thirteen individuals on the balcony were thrown five stories to the ground. Six people died, and seven were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Investigators quickly moved in to determine a potential cause. They finished their report early this week and reported that extensive rot was visible on the joists and supports that held the balcony up. Investigators however did not say with certainty that rot was the only factor that contributed to the balcony collapse.

Five of the six individuals who were killed in the accident were Irish nationals on work visas. The sixth individual killed as a 22-year-old California native. The group had gathered to celebrate the birthday of a friend. The individual who hosted the party has not been named.

All other balconies in the complex were inspected after the balcony collapse. Only one other structure was found to have significant rot damage. Investigators have not determined how the water damage occurred, or whether structural defects or poor building methods were to blame for the incident.

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