Rodrigo Terpins and His Drive To Expand The Challenges in His Racing Career

We push for our limits because we want to reach the top. We try everything we can just to achieve our dreams. Aside from trying to make sure that the dreams we have can be achieved in our lifetime, we also have desires and dreams that we want to achieve fast. Fortunately for people like Rodrigo Terpins, they have the skills and enough passion to chase the dream. In his case, it is in the chase for the racing dreams that he wants to follow.



The Sau Paulo Racer



We already know that Rodrigo Terpins along with his brother Michel Terpins are two of today’s hottest Brazilian race car drivers. They have joined a lot of races already that pushed their limits and defined where they are as racers in Brazil. It’s quite hard to do racing in Brazil, let alone to excel in it. So the fact that Rodrigo Terpins is able to do so in a way that’s just inspiring to see, means that he still has a lot to offer in the racing world. The last race he joined was with his brother Michel Terpins, and it was the Sertoes Rally. It was one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences of Rodrigo Terpins, and it was also one of the most fruitful. You can visit for more details.


The Rewards From The Challenges



The ideal dream of racers in any rally is to achieve as many victories and Grand Prize as possible in the quickets amount of time. While this may be a wonderful goal, what Rodrigo Terpins is doing right now is to do his best and let the fate and fortune decide the rest.



The Sertoes Rally is one example and a testament of his strategy in racing. It’s a difficult race because it spanned two states, and thousands of kilometers in distance, but with the T-Rex Vehicle Rodrigo developed with the MEM team, he still won 7th place overall under the Prototypes T1 category, which is why we said it’s a fruitful race. Truly, there’s still more to go in the career of Rodrigo Terpins. Who knows, later on, he won’t just be doing Brazil rallies anymore, but would expand to international race tracks.


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