Renown Health – Newest Facility to Open in South Reno

Renown Health is a not-for-profit medical clinical that is locally owned in the Reno, Nevada area. They currently serve the region with 12 offices that handle all urgent care needs. The newest clinic is set to open this spring, and will offer primary care services and laboratory services. The initial demolition of the project started in November. Renown Health and its executives opted to utilize local construction businesses in the area. Electricity and plumbing was established in February and the office is set to start taking patients. They will offer staffing for 11 employees with the option to add more offices if the need is increased. There are many people moving to the area, and Dr. McCormack, medical director of Renown Health, is hoping for positive growth. She stated in a recent phone interview that she wants to wait and see what kind of healthcare regulations take place in the future, which will establish the grounds for a more active medical clinic. For right now, the clinic will be located in The Summit Mall area, and will occupy three store fronts. Click here to know more.

Renown Health has been in the healthcare industry for many years, and has become well established in the area. Their clinics offer all primary care services and some of the larger clinics offer more specialized care such as respiratory, diabetes and pediatric care. With future growth, Dr. McCormack hopes to be able to add more staffing to the clinic. She would like to add one more physician, a nurse practitioner and more office staff. The clinic will hold all of its own billing and will be able to take payments directly from the center. Her focus with the newest clinic was to make it a very welcoming and comfortable experience for all patients. She understands that being sick is hard, and wants to make sure all patients are treated with great satisfaction. Renown Health on Twitter.

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