Qnet – International Commerce Multi-Level Marketing

QNET is a marketing company that uses a model of direct selling/multi-level marketing (DS/MLM). This particular model is used because it facilitates and clearly enables a direct interaction between the producer and consumer, which can reduce some of the possible points of failure. Being a DS/MLM company, QNET offers self-employment opportunities to individuals, and it creates an instant, strong bond which will ultimately lead to better direct selling results. In QNET they believe that the key to a successful business is treating all people with respect. QNET starts by respecting the products and the companies it collaborates with to enhance their marketing and development programs. The initial respect is something that really translates to the customer.

Expansion plans

Malaysia-based multi-level marketing firm QNET Ltd announced it plans to transfer production of items and consumer goods and electronic segments to India. Making India its manufacturing hub will result in a cost benefit of between 8 and 12%. Even though QNET possesses logistic hubs in Russia, Netherlands, Turkey, UAE, India and Malaysia, the company’s goals for expansion never cease to stop. What makes this company special is the fact that it does not simply shift its production center. They first aim to make the market reliable and provide a safe environment that does not allow any illegal activity to breed. QNET even suggested setting up a regulatory body that will govern the business. They always stress the fact that the formulation of laws which will aid the governing of MLM and direct selling industry is of utmost importance. They did the same prior to shifting production to India to make sure that the business interests of both the company and the government are best served.

Why QNET and why DS/MLM

Whatever direction the marketing world takes, sooner or later DS/MLM will eventually have to be accepted by most markets. Other markets will have to adopt, or at least make adaptations to suit the marketing needs of tomorrow. Why? Because businesses are ultimately about the consumer and the product. Everything else just resolves around these two. The model of DS/MLM is very powerful because it engages both of these elements. This model allows the product to engage end-consumers more effectively and also introduces the product in its early lifecycle. QNET offers highly rewarding loyalty programs. Consumers earn loyalty reward points for their own purchases, but also for purchases made by others who were referred by them. This largely builds the consumer’s loyalty to the brand. In the product world where new products constantly appear for the customers to try out, having a loyal customer connected with a product on multiple levels will prove to be the decisive factor in the product placement game, which is where QNET excels at the most.

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