QNET Gives Back to the Society and Partners with Manchester City

QNet, which is an Asian direct selling corporation, boasts of strong distribution networks in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Ramadan is considered quite imperative in the company’s calendar. In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan entails fasting during the daytime besides donating to charities, refraining from indulges and engaging in intermittent prayers on a daily basis.

The staff of QNET, distributors and business associates ensures that they respect the pillar of charity. According to the Muslim faith, this pillar ensures that one is rewarded with greater spiritual nourishment. As part of Ramadan celebrations, QNET distributed food to orphans and needy people in the society. These donations were distributed in Niger, Mali and Ivory Coast. Distributors were in charge of identifying the needy families in these nations and ensured that each of these families received the much-needed aid.

Ramadan presents Muslims with time to devote and self-reflect through fasting and praying. QNET is grateful for every agency that has been devoted towards creating numerous opportunities with the view to reducing poverty and inequality in income. The entity has been delivering food to different needy people in the society, annually. QNET’s Managing Director asserted that the needy societies have benefited massively from the charity provided by the company around the month of Ramadan.

Founded in 1998, QNET has managed to establish 25 offices around the globe. The corporation is considered as one of the leading direct selling enterprises in Asia. Manchester City entered into partnership with the award winning company as the recognized direct selling associate of the leading premier league club. QNET shall have access to Manchester City’s experiences like player meet and greet as part of the incentive for rewarding loyal consumers.
Internationally, the corporation is recognized as being philanthropic. The entity specializes in lifestyle augmenting products and services that ranges from nutrition and health, education, home care and personal care. Tom Glick, Manchester City’s chief business officer, observed that QNET’s philosophy at the grass root in terms of empowering the average people around the globe to initiate their own enterprises has been the secret to their swift growth. He further showed his gratefulness by positing that the club is excited to work with QNET because the partnership provides collaborative opportunities through football that is played across the globe.
Besides Manchester City, QNET has been working on different sports sponsorship in the past. The corporation’s partnership with Marussia formula one team is renown by many. QNET looks forward to working with the club in enhancing their engagement with different communities around the sphere.
QNET is known for its philanthropic nature. The corporation provides the needy communities with the assistance that they deserve. Besides delivering food, the award winning enterprise entered into partnership with Manchester City as its official direct selling representative.

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